• Goodbye House (Inspired by Goodnight Moon)

    Nine years ago we purchased our first home – a small 3BR 1BA urban-living home in western Pennsylvania. It was our first home purchase and the first home for each of our three children. The last 5 years of living in the house it became evident that we needed to move. So earlier this year we listed… [Continue Reading]

    Goodbye House (Inspired by Goodnight Moon)
  • My #Whole30 Story

    I was disgusted with myself. 5′ 5″ and 162.5 pounds constantly tired • an insomniac • out-of-control cravings for dairy, grains and sweets • continual “puffy” and bloated feeling • forgetful • feeling “meh” all the time and also sensitive digestive system • flaky scalp • dull skin tone • feeling fat and ugly all… [Continue Reading]

    My #Whole30 Story
  • Natural Remedies for Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

    Oy. Hand, Foot and Mouth. It’s spreading like wildfire where I live. It just sounds miserable: fever, blisters, painful rashes, and being contagious for weeks on end. Is there a way to decrease your chances of getting it? And if your child contracts it, are there natural ways to treat it? Yes and yes! But… [Continue Reading]

    Natural Remedies for Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

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