Calendar & Meal Planning Round-Up (My Top Picks)

meal plan for one year!

I am trying something new this year. Instead of setting resolutions as of Jan 1 I am spending the entire month of January planning, dreaming, and goal setting for the new year. If I don’ have a calendar to write down my plans, you can forget about me remembering diddly squat. And I have a […]

How To Make Ghee (And Save Money)

How To Make Ghee via Holistic Homemaking

Ghee is butter that has the water and milk solids removed. It’s a great butter alternative for those who are sensitive to dairy because the lactose and casein have been separated from the fat. Ghee is de-lish-ous. It has a slight carmelized flavor and gives much more depth to foods than traditional butter. There are also some nutritional […]

Daylight Saving, The Movie (Movie Monday)

Are you still reeling from the time change a week ago? If so, you are in good company. Check this 2-minute trailer for the movie Daylight Saving (no, it’s not a real movie but wouldn’t it be great if it was?!).

House Dreamin’


We sold our house and are still searching for our next casa … Hopefully an old farmhouse-ish type home … or a cozy little Cape Cod will do …   We’d love to have some land but honestly, if we find anything on a larger plot than where we were (0.10 acres) I will be […]